Monday, July 7, 2008

Obsessions du Jour

Ahh, a new season, new obsessions.
1. Vintage Bicycles
There is nothing more relaxing as taking a long bike ride around the city on a beautiful spring day, stopping at the occasional market and street fair. I would choose to do so on this Cynthia Rowley Beach Cruiser($900), designed especially for her 2008 runway show.

2. Floral Prints
Breathtaking on a sheer blouse, paired with a bright white short and flat sandals.

Blouse- Forever 21, $22
3. Abbey Road
One of the last Beatle's albums, a monumental album in my music collection.

4. Summer Scarves
Breezy, airy, lightly printed scarves wrapped loosely around the neck, can pull together any outfit with a wisp of fabric.

Abercrombie and Fitch, $39. 50
5. Arizona Iced Tea
The best treat after my summer school classes, perfectly sweet with a hint of lemon.

6. Jim Sturgess
What can I say, warm brown eyes and an adorable smile, along with acting skills that have carrie him through movies such as Across the Universe and 21.

7. Cotton Dresses
Perfect for the beach, or a lazy afternoon. They can be dressed up with elaborate braided necklines, or just a simple cut neckline. I have to admit, I have an obsession with Splendid dresses. They are so comfortable and cute and easy.

8. Chelsea Handler
By far the funniest, wittiest, most sarcastic women on TV, or at least E! She and her little nugget assistant Chuy make my night a thousand times better with their skits and jokes and destruction of celebrities.

9. Brightly Colored Plastic Wayfarers
If you care to look back, you’ll remember that last summer a milky tidal wave of white sunglasses crashed upon our shores. Well this year that pallor is going to be replaced with nearly neon and brazenly bright frames in shades of corn yellow, mango, and ultramarine.

Fred Flare, $10

10. Tattered Denim Cutoffs
These are tricky, because if paired with the wrong top you will look cheap, or trying to hard. I pair these True Religion jean shorts($175), with either a simple white shirt and a faux leather bomber and wayfarers, or a flowy blouse, tucked in.

** just realized how messy the words and pictures are and I am unaware of how to organize this mess. think of it as a puzzle! piece together the words and pictures!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Chic

Happy late Fourth of July!
In honor of my country, I put together a Fourth of July ensemble that was much better than wrapping a flag around my myself in a toga-like form(an actual outfit I had to claim witness to at the fireworks)
Dress- thrift store find
Belt- Banana Republic
Tights- DKNY
Shoes(not pictured)- white Chanel ankle boots(stolen from the closet of my mother)


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Hey readers(if I still have any, considering I haven't updated in about 6 months!)
So today I got home from summer school, and remembering how many compliments I got on my outfit decided to post it!

Dress- Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent
Denim Vest- Kitson
Shoes- amazing black leather gold studded dominatrix-like Stuart Weitzmans
Not the boldest outfit, I know, but cut for a 7am wake up and throw something on!
Comments por favor?

Much Love,

p.s. I will post again very very soon!