Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Chic

Happy late Fourth of July!
In honor of my country, I put together a Fourth of July ensemble that was much better than wrapping a flag around my myself in a toga-like form(an actual outfit I had to claim witness to at the fireworks)
Dress- thrift store find
Belt- Banana Republic
Tights- DKNY
Shoes(not pictured)- white Chanel ankle boots(stolen from the closet of my mother)



R & B said...

cute outfit. the tights remind me of gossip girl.

p.s. you're linked :)

Kkkeri said...

Tres tres chic. I love how it doesn't scream "RED WHITE BLUE." Subtle patriotism. ;]]

Catherine =] said...

I agree with kkkeri =]
But didn't you burn in those tights haha?